• Easy to use app
  • Sellers and Buyers can communicate with each other via the app
  • Gives second-hand items, which might otherwise end up in landfill, a new lease on life
  • Vinted offers a selection of shipping options and provides labels from various carriers.
  • Buyer pays the the shipping charges

Potential Concerns

  • Disputes may not always be resolved satisfactorily, causing frustration for users
  • Users should be aware of potential scams and perform thorough checks before making purchases or selling items
  • Vinted retains payment for sold items until the buyer confirms that the transaction was successful, which may delay the process of getting paid.

What is Vinted?

Vinted is an online marketplace that allows users to buy, sell, or swap secondhand clothing, accessories, and other items. Vinted was founded in 2008 by Milda Mitkute and Justas Janauskas in Lithuania. The platform was initially created to help Milda find a way to clear out her own overflowing wardrobe and quickly evolved into a broader marketplace for buying, selling, and swapping clothes. Vinted serves millions of users across Europe and the United States. The platform is particularly focused on promoting a sustainable way of consuming fashion by making it easy for people to recycle their wardrobes and reduce waste.

Is Vinted Safe – The Details


In the UK, Vinted, like other online marketplaces, must comply with various regulations that govern e-commerce, consumer protection, and data privacy. For example, Vinted must adhere to the Consumer Rights Act 2015, which ensures that goods sold through the platform must be as described, of satisfactory quality, and fit for purpose. Buyers have the right to return items that do not meet these criteria within a specified period. Vinted are also subject to UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) which require Vinted to handle personal data securely.


Vinted provides several features and guidelines to protect its users:

Secure Payment System: Vinted offers a secure payment system that holds the buyer’s payment until they confirm they have received the item as described.

Buyer Protection: This feature ensures that if something goes wrong – like the item not arriving or not being as described – the buyer can receive a refund.

Feedback System: Users can rate each other and leave reviews after transactions, which helps to build trust and warn others about potentially unreliable users.

Communication Tools: Vinted encourages users to communicate through its in-app messaging service, which helps to protect personal contact details and ensures that there is a record of all communications related to transactions. These records will help Vinted with decision making in case of disputes between buyers and sellers.

Moderation and Support: Vinted has moderation teams that monitor the platform for prohibited items and behaviour. It provides customer support to help resolve disputes or issues between users.


Using Vinted, like any online marketplace, may involve certain risks. The main ones to be aware of are:

Scams: Users may encounter fraudulent listings or sellers who fail to ship items. Buyers might also face scammers posing as genuine buyers attempting to redirect transactions outside of Vinted’s secure payment system.

Counterfeit Items: There’s a risk of buying counterfeit goods, especially branded items, which can be difficult to verify online.

Item Condition Discrepancies: Items might not always match their descriptions in terms of condition or authenticity. This can lead to dissatisfaction and disputes.

Privacy Risks: Sharing personal information, including addresses and payment details, can expose users to privacy breaches.

Payment and Refund Issues: Although Vinted offers a secure payment system, there can still be issues with refunds or payment processing.

Shipping Problems: There can be risks related to shipping, such as items being lost, damaged, or delayed in transit, causing stress on both the buyers and sellers side.

Limited Dispute Resolution: The process for dispute resolution may not always result in a satisfactory resolution for all parties, and it can require a lot of time and hassle to resolve.

It’s best to stay vigilant when buying and selling on Vinted. An image search on Google could help with identifying counterfeit items. A reverse image search can also be useful in verifying whether an item purported to be vintage is genuinely vintage. Further, reading through user comments can provide additional insights into the trustworthiness of a seller or buyer.

Security and Personal Data

Vinted uses a secure payment gateway that holds funds until the buyer confirms receipt of the item as described, which helps prevent fraud. Personal data, including payment information, is encrypted to protect it from unauthorized access.

Vinted also has a comprehensive privacy policy in accordance with the UK GDPR and other relevant data protection laws.

Vinted also offers optional verification processes, like connecting to Facebook or verifying phone numbers, to increase trust and security among users.



There is a r/Vinted subreddit where people can exchange ideas and discuss various topics around for selling and buying on Vinted.


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Summary – Is Vinted legit?

Vinted is a legitimate online marketplace for buying, selling, and swapping secondhand clothing and accessories. It operates across several countries and has millions of users. Additionally, the platform provides various safeguards like secure payment processing and a system for user ratings and reviews to enhance trust and safety.