• Extensive selection of fashion, electronics, home goods, and more.
  • Offers convenient payment plans, including buy now, pay later.
  • Regular sales and discounts provide good value for customers.

Potential Concerns

  • Possible delays in receiving orders, particularly during busy periods.
  • Limited availability or out-of-stock items can be an issue.
  • Occasional concerns about the quality and durability of certain products.

What is Very.co.uk?

Very.co.uk is a British online retailer offering a wide range of products, including fashion, electronics, home goods, and toys. Owned by The Very Group, it provides flexible payment options, such as buy now, pay later. The website is known for its frequent sales, promotions, and convenient online shopping experience.

Is Very.co.uk Safe – The Details


Very.co.uk complies with UK regulations on consumer protection, data privacy, and e-commerce. It adheres to standards for product safety, accurate descriptions, and transparent pricing. The retailer follows GDPR for data protection and ensures compliance with environmental regulations for waste disposal and recycling.

Protection and Insurances

  • Standard warranties on most products
  • Flexible options for returning or exchanging items
  • Ensures safe transactions
  • Adheres to GDPR and other data privacy regulations
  • Assistance for purchase and product-related issues.


Delivery Delays: Potential for late deliveries, especially during peak times

Stock Availability: Items may be out of stock or have limited availability

Product Quality: Occasional issues with the quality or durability of some products

Customer Service: Inconsistent quality of customer service experiences.

Security and Personal Data

Very.co.uk safeguards personal data with encryption, secure payments, regular security audits, privacy policies, and compliance with GDPR regulations.


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Summary – Is Very.co.uk legit?

Very.co.uk is a legitimate and reputable online retailer in the UK. It is owned by The Very Group and offers a wide range of products including fashion, electronics, and home goods. Known for its flexible payment options and frequent promotions, Very.co.uk is trusted by many consumers.