• Extensive range of beauty and personal care products from numerous brands.
  • Attractive pricing and frequent discounts on popular items.
  • Convenient access to products for customers across multiple countries with reliable delivery services.

Potential Concerns

  • Occasional customer doubts about the authenticity of certain products.
  • Potential delays and complications in processing returns and refunds.
  • Mixed reviews regarding the responsiveness and effectiveness of customer support.

What is Notino?

Notino is a global online retailer specializing in beauty and personal care products, including perfumes, skincare, makeup, and haircare. Founded in 2004, it offers a wide range of brands at competitive prices. Notino is based in the Czech Republic, with its headquarters located in Brno. The company operates in multiple countries, providing customers with convenient access to popular and niche beauty products.

Is Notino Safe – The Details


Notino adheres to EU regulations, ensuring product safety, accurate labeling, and compliance with data protection laws like GDPR.

Protection and Insurances

Notino ensures protection through product liability insurance, stringent safety measures, secure transactions, and compliance with data protection regulations.


Notino maintains a reputable standing but, like any large retailer, problems can occur:

Product Authenticity: As with any large online retailer, there may be instances where customers question the authenticity of products. Notino claims to source its products directly from manufacturers and authorised distributors to ensure authenticity. If customers have concerns about a specific product, they are encouraged to contact Notino’s customer service for verification and assistance.

Allergic Reactions: Potential adverse reactions to beauty products, especially if the customer is unaware of sensitivities to certain ingredients.

Data Privacy: Risk of data breaches compromising personal information.

Return Policy: Returns could lead to delays in receiving refunds or exchanges, which may be a concern for some customers.

Security and Personal Data

Notino ensures customer data protection through GDPR compliance, secure payment systems, and robust cybersecurity measures to prevent data breaches.



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Summary – Is Notino legit?

Notino is a legitimate online retailer founded in 2004 and based in the Czech Republic. It specializes in beauty and personal care products, offering a wide range of brands at competitive prices. Notino is known for its extensive selection and international presence, serving customers across multiple countries.